"Meat Chickens"

"Meat Chickens" are raised for the dinner table, and we are now selling "shares" in the farm's chicken production. We don't sell packaged chicken meat like the grocery stores do, but instead, we raise your chickens along with ours and then help you process them when they are ready to eat (or put in the freezer).

You order the number of chickens you will want and pay us a deposit per chicken to raise them for you. We use the deposit to order baby chicks and help defray the expense of raising them the four to six months it takes for them to reach optimum size. They then are "processed", weighed, and priced at an amount per pound that was set when you ordered.

Here's how it works: You decide how many chicken(s) you eat a month (1 a week is 4 a month) and put a $3.00 deposit down on the number of birds you will need over a four month period.

Lets say, 4 (birds a month) X 4 month period = 16 birds X $3.00 = $48.00 deposit per cycle. Typically the deposit will roll over from period to period, so this should be a one-time fee!

Currently, the price for Harvested Birds is $3.50 a pound -- unless you help with processing. Helping us process the birds will save you $1.00 a pound, so the price you pay will only be $2.50!

We plan to have 3 processing days a year (that equates to 4 month cycles). On those days, once we have processed the birds, we will weigh them and establish the actual price per bird based on their weight.

Naturally, this takes some pre-planning, because you need to estimate how many chickens your family will need over a four month period. However, you will know where these chickens came from and how they were raised, and after you serve a few, we bet you will prefer them over store-bought chickens every time!

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