"Cow Shares"

What is a "cow-share program"? You own a share of a cow. A Jersey cow can produce up to 28 gallons of milk a week. We sell shares based on the milk production of a given cow. One cow share receives about one gallon of milk per week. Share numbers are adjusted at freshening time as the cow's production changes.

Why a Cow Share Program? In many states it is illegal to buy or sell raw milk, but it is not illegal to drink fresh milk from a cow that you own. We provide a service for you by feeding, caring for, and milking your cow.

NO Hormones - raised naturally. We have 3 Milk cows now, with 2 heifers coming of age in the next few years! They are raised on their mother's milk and grass. Once grown, we pasture all of our cows, so they are grass-fed. We do supplement with some feed while on milk stand (this way they are more cooperative!), but we do not use RGbH, hormones or antibiotics. We drink our milk and would not want anything in it other than what nature intended.

What is the cost? You can purchase a share for $30.00. It is a one time cost. One cow share entitles you to about 1 gallon of milk a week. If you need more than one gallon a week ,then you will need to buy more shares. The boarding fee pays for labor and the expenses involved in feeding and caring for your share of the cow. Costs may be subject to increase. The boarding fee cost is currently $31.00 per month per share. The first monthly boarding fee will be prorated depending on when you purchase your share(s).

How do I get started? Read and sign the Cow Share Boarding Agreement which can be obtained by contacting Cox Family Farm, or call (281) 703-8205. As soon as we receive your signed agreement and payment you will own a share of a cow.

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