Our History

Our story starts like many others. Cecil Cox had a dream and wanted to share it with his family. He purchased this land in 1937. It was thick with trees and brush, but it was a start.

He cleared the land, organized and built a one room cabin. They worked the land on the weekends, and as time went by many improvements were made, including fences, barns, stock yard, and the concrete bridge (which has a story all it's own).

By the time Cecil's kids were grown and his grandkids were growing up, the old man (he was affectionately known as the original "Old Man" of the family) decided he was ready to retire and enjoy the farm. It became a place for family to come and work with him to get away from the rat race and hustle and bustle of the city! By building this farm he instilled in each of his kids and grandkids a love for nature, animals, and the farming way of life.

My husband, Leonard Cox, and I always shared a dream for country life. After many years of working at "high-tech" jobs in the business world, we decided we had rather be back on the farm! I hope that one day my girls will look back and say that they enjoyed life on the farm, and I hope they go after whatever dream they have with all their heart. God gives us things to manage while we are here, and it is our job to manage them well and to teach the young.

We are proud to be able to raise Cecil's great grandkids on the farm today and to continue with his dream and ours!