Welcome to the Cox Family Farm. The farm itself has been in the Cox family for almost 75 years, but Leonard and I (Cathy) only recently took over and are committed to bringing new energy to the operation and a focus on naturally grown products.

We are excited about farming in a way that provides you (and ourselves!) with fresh heirloom and naturally grown vegetables and fruit, eggs and meat from free-range chickens, milk and cheese from our cows, and honey from our bees. Our work and our animals are our pride and joy, so you are invited to come visit and participate to whatever degree interests you. There are horses, cows, and chickens to see as well as the gardens and a number of new farm projects, so come take a farm tour or just drop by to say hello.

Farm tours are available almost any time, but we also plan to have different events throughout the year that you and your family can join in on, such as festivals to introduce the beginning of a growing season or occasionally, a "popcorn party" where we take popcorn from the field and get it ready to pop! Some of these events were farm traditions and some we have started, and we invite you to join any and all that interest you!

Please check back often, as I will try to keep you current on all our farm activities by posting pictures in the Photo Gallery and reports in "Cathy's Blog". You can also find us on Facebook. Thanks for dropping by!